Virginia State Feed Association
Virginia State Feed Association
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The Virginia State Feed Association is the voice of the feed industry and serves to strengthen the relationship between consumer and government. The VSFA was founded in 1946 to serve the total feed industry in the Old Dominion and for the purpose of:


  • Positive relationships and goodwill among its members.
  • The general benefit of the entire industry and the welfare of its patrons and the public.
  • Furtherance of Virginia agriculture, with special emphasis on the Virginia State Feed Association’s College Scholarship Fund.


  • The timely dissemination of information which may be of interest and value to members.
  • More efficient distribution of feed and allied products through information sharing and promotion of improved methods of handling, selling, and merchandising.
  • The interpretation and application of feed laws and regulations.
  • The enactment and enforcement of laws which deal justly with the rights of members and patrons.


  • Fair dealings, honest values, and the fulfillment of all obligations and contracts.
  • Understanding and cooperation among the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University College of Agriculture, Virginia State University, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the feed industry.


  • With all branches of feed and allied industries for the advancement of the industry.
  • Support the marketing of maximum economical consumption of feed and allied products.


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